Michal Kowalewski at GSA 2014 Vancouver


Michal Kowalewski of the FLMNH presents on his research on the Po Plain in Italy. Troy Dexter, former FLMNH Postdoc, is a co author. It’s a full house!


Brendan Anderson and Panamanian turritellid snails

Brendan Anderson, who traveled to Panama with Austin Hendy last spring, is presenting on his research on turritellid snails – high spired, filter feeding mollusks. Anderson is a graduate student at Cornell University, and wrote an eNewsletter article (see flmnh web page) about his research in April of this year.


Austin Hendy and Michal Kowalewski, both of FLMNH, will present their research in the same session (room 219) later this afternoon.

Robyn Henderek and Lake Alajuela

Summer 2014 intern Robyn Henderek is at poster booth 358 today (Sunday) showcasing the stratigraphic efforts currently being undertaken to understand the history of Lake Alajuela (formerly known as Madden Lake) in Panama. Mollusk, shrimp, crab, crocodilian, gomphothere, and other fossils have been found there.
She also has flyers with student job opportunities for field internships in Panama, museum internships in the Florida Museum of Natural History, and a new post-doc opportunity with PCPPIRE!


PCP PIRE in Vancouver!

Tomorrow is the official first day of GSA, the annual Geological Society of America meeting. Over 6,000 geologists of all stripes have been converged upon Vancouver, including PCP PIRE scientists Cristina Robins, Austin Hendy, Adiƫl Klompmaker, Robyn Henderek, and Wesley von Dassow.
Today is a day full of short courses. This morning had a workshop on social media and science communication.