Victor Perez and fossil sharks

Stop by the poster hall tonight to meet with Victor Perez and hear him explain about his fossil sharks!




Victor Perez and fossil sharks

Victor Perez of FOSSIL and PCPPIRE will present a poster on the fossil sharks he has been studying at booth 221 Tuesday at GSA. Stop by and learn about some Miocene toothy terrors!


Sharks from the Miocene

VP UF262182a VP UF262182d

Above is the front and back of a tooth of Carcharocles chubutensis, UF262182. This fossil was found in the Culebra Formation in Panama (Miocene).   Although this shark was not as large as the famous C. megalodon, it could reach large sizes—at 12.2 m (40 feet), it was about the length of a city bus! The tooth featured above is about half the length of the largest C. chubutensis that has been found.  A paper detailing this (and other fossil shark teeth found in Panama) can be accessed here.