This blog records the day to day activities of members of the PCP PIRE. “Fossil Friday” is posted every Friday and each of our museum interns posts twice a month (two interns every other week). Our field interns post as often as possible but are often busy in the field. Updates on PCP PIRE activities are posted as they become available. More about the PCP PIRE program can be found here: www.flmnh.ufl.edu/panama-pire/home/.

Blog created by Cristina Robins, PCP PIRE Project Manager and Postdoctoral Associate, and maintained by Cristina Robins and Dawn Mitchell, PCP PIRE Project Assistant.

About PCP PIRE:  The Panama Canal is currently being expanded on a scale not seen since the original excavations one hundred years ago. During this current expansion, important new Neogene fossiliferous deposits are being uncovered. The mission of the PCP PIRE is to advance knowledge of the extinct faunas and floras of the ancient Neotropics based on the new fossil discoveries along the Canal. Consistent with NSF’s PIRE program objectives, university students (undergraduate and graduate), postdocs, and faculty are engaging in PCP paleontological, geological, and biological research and Broader Impacts outreach. The ultimate outcome of the PCP PIRE will be to promote discovery and advance knowledge while training the next generation of scientists better able to engage in international experiences.


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