Invertebrate- Air Scribe Prepping

Hi- I have been looking at samples from Alhajuela and trying to get through that material recently. We have a big echinoid that I have been preparing for days now and it is really coming along! First, Roger and I have used a hammer to get some big pieces off then I have used the air scribe to tediously remove most of the sediment attached. The air scribe makes thats irritating noise you typically hear at the dentist so I have been shut out from the rest of the lab while using it. Basically, it shoots air and vibrates and you guide it to remove hard sediment that is on, in this case, the echinoid. There is a thin layer still present which we will put the finishing touches on in the air abrasive unit. Hopefully it will be complete and ready to catalog by next week!


PS- I am covered in dirt and sediment after ecery use!

~Aly Tucker


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