Fossil Friday: A camel tooth


UF/FGS 5680, the lower left first molar (m1) of Floridatragulus dolichanthereus. Left: occlusal surface; right: medial surface (side facing the tongue). Photo © VP FLMNH.

This Fossil Friday, we have a tooth from the camelid Floridatragulus dolichanthereus. This specimen was found by Stanley J. Olsen in 1956 at the early Miocene Thomas Farm locality in Florida. Camelid specimens referred to the genus Floridatragulus have also been found in Panama in the early Miocene Cucaracha Formation. F. dolichanthereus belongs to the same subfamily (Floridatragulinae) as Aguascalientia panamensis, which was featured in a previous Fossil Friday post.


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