Paleo Potluck with Dena Smith


Dena Smith (second from left) leads a discussion on Sept. 10 about job possibilities in paleontology, and the importance of developing a diverse skill set. PCP PIRE partially sponsored her visit to the Florida Museum of Natural History to discuss outreach and educational goals within the context of paleontology. Photo by Steven Manchester.



Bruce MacFadden serves BBQ meat to Dena Smith, Roger Portell, and Michal Kowalewski at the Paleo Potluck Party held as part of Dena Smith’s visit to the Florida Museum of Natural History. Photo by Adiel Klompmaker.

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About Cristina Robins

The mission of the Panama Canal Project - Partnerships in International Research and Education [PCP PIRE] is to advance knowledge of the extinct faunas and floras of the ancient Neotropics based on the new fossil discoveries along the Canal. Consistent with NSF's PIRE program objectives, university students (undergraduate and graduate), postdocs, and faculty are engaging in PCP paleontological, geological, and biological research and Broader Impacts outreach. The ultimate outcome of the PCP PIRE will be to promote discovery and advance knowledge while training the next generation of scientists better able to engage in international experiences.

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