In which the interns take a walk in their backyard

Left to right: Michelle, Robyn, Wesley

Evan, our resident bird and reptile enthusiast, scans the skies for tropical species.

PCP PIRE (23 of 31)

Our first view of the city of Panama, both old and new.

PCP PIRE (28 of 31)

At the top of the hill, we watch the sun set over the canal.

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About Michelle

I am a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) undergraduate student adamant in my desire for two things - to conduct research, and to participate in and promote science outreach for the general public. I am currently working towards a Bachelor of Science in Geology, with a minor in Geography. Apart from my job as a full time student, I work as a fossil preparator at the John D. Cooper Center (Orange County's Paleontological and Archeological Repository) and as a STEM Ambassador at the Univeristy Center for Careers in Teaching.

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