Wesley von Dassow at GSA

Summer 2014 PCP PIRE intern Wes von Dassow presents this morning on the field course in the Azuero Peninsula in Panama. He is viewing it from the vantage point of international collaboration, as the bilingual geological field camp was run by Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia and attended by Colombians, Panamanians, and Americans. Former interns Michelle Barboza and Robyn Henderek (who presented on Sunday) were also in attendance.



Brendan Anderson and Panamanian turritellid snails

Brendan Anderson, who traveled to Panama with Austin Hendy last spring, is presenting on his research on turritellid snails – high spired, filter feeding mollusks. Anderson is a graduate student at Cornell University, and wrote an eNewsletter article (see flmnh web page) about his research in April of this year.


Austin Hendy and Michal Kowalewski, both of FLMNH, will present their research in the same session (room 219) later this afternoon.

K/T Boundary Session

This morning’s extinction session at GSA 2014 brings together geologists, including Gerta Keller and Walter Alvarez, trying to decipher the timing and cause of mass extinction events, including the demise of non-avian dinosaurs. Interesting new research on the Chicxulub Impact and the catastrophic Deccan Traps (massive volcanism in India). Maid the impact trigger even greater volcanism worldwide?

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia, showing an artist’s rendering of a bolide impact.

Fossil Shrimp of Panama

Adiël Klompmaker explores the taxonomy and population distribution of the mud shrimp Glypturus. These shrimp are commonly found in Miocene and Holo-Pleistocene deposits on both Atlantic/Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Panama, but today they are absent on the Pacific side. Klompmaker has found two new shrimp species, one of which is from Panama. Come see him this afternoon at poster booth 256!

Adiël Klompmaker wins Boucot Grant

Adiël Klompmaker, post doc in invertebrate paleontology at the Florida Museum of Natural History, works on fossil Decapoda (shrimp, crabs, lobsters), as well as predation in the fossil record. He is presenting at the conference on shrimp from Panama and other areas at booth 256 Monday afternoon. He is one of the 2014 Paleontological Society Boucot Award winners. His award will fund studies on fossil decapods! Congratulations, Adiël!